We lease and manage large tracts of hunting property long term for maximum trophy potential. The 1 to 1 buck to doe ratio along with our strict management program implementing QDM guidelines and a 140 class Pope & Young minimum standard allow our hunters to continuously see and harvest trophy bucks throughout the entire hunting season.

Our locations are quite diverse and consist of a mixture of:

  • mature timber
  • steep bluffs
  • agriculture
  • river and creek bottom
  • timbered draws
  • thickets
  • CRP designated sanctuaries
  • deep timbered hollow’s and a variety of different food plot mixtures.

Our guides are constantly in the field glassing, scouting from a distance to see what deer they have and how they travel, placing deer cams on travel routes, down wind of bedding areas and designated sanctuaries.

All hunts are fully guided, which includes transportation to

and from your stands and transporting your trophy out of the field.

Free complimentary lodging and meals.